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check out this practical magic haul


A Practical Magic Activation Deck

A toolkit of Practical Magic Activation cards uniquely designed and illustrated. This comes in a box with a book packed full of Practical Magic Activation exercises.

Practical Magic Print

An A2 Practical Magic Giclee Print of your choice from the Practical Magic Activation Deck designs.


Practical Magic

Tote Bag

A cotton tote bag with a Practical magic design for you to carry your Practical Magic goodies


Root & Flower Chakra Anointing 


Oil Collection

Root and Flower Chakra Anointing Oil Set is a collection of seven unique essential oil blends. Each blend interacts with and supports the stored emotions of a specific chakra centre to help activate and awaken the information stored within.

Find out more about Root & Flower.


A Mala Lu Practical Magic Mala Bead necklace

Mala beads are used in yoga and meditation practices to count positive affirmations and mantras and aid in manifesting intentions. The Practical Magic mala is made using the traditional 108 Aventurine and Amethyst gemstone beads which emit their lovely healing energies through its wearer. 

Find out more about Mala Lu.


SevenSeventeen Shine On Candle

Beat the gloom with the SevenSeventeen's Wild Fig & Grape uplifting Shine On candle. Its exquisite, fruity fragrance is perfect for boosting your mood and spurring you on through the week and beyond.

The candle is plant-based and has exceptional burn times, 30-40 hours. £1 from the sale of this particular candle goes to PND charity PANDAS (

Find out more about SevenSeventeen

Hackney Thomas Epsom & Himalayan


Bath Salts

Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts, Infused with Lavender Essential Oil.

This organic combination is cleansing and refreshing. The gentle blend helps to relax your body, relieve stress, ease tired muscles and works to improve circulation, whilst soothing your skin and mind.

Find out more about Hackney Thomas



Dirty & Divine Poetry Book by Cassy Ede

An enchanted book of sweet and sexy poetry infused with romantic magic and mystery. 

Find out more about Cassy Ede

Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Book by Beth Stritton

Bethan Christopher is an artist, speaker and the author of women’s body-love book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. She spends her days coaching girls and women to rediscover their gorgeousness, writing delicious articles, making vibrant illustrations and hanging out in the woods with her three children and dog (named Frida after artist Frida Kahlo and who sometimes wears flowers in her collar).

Find out more about Bethan

To take part, simply enter the competition, and then back the Practical Magic Kickstarter project when it launches from April 25th 2018. Once the Kickstarter project closes at the end of May, we will pick a winner and send you this amazing bundle worth over £250. 

About Practical Magic Activation

The Practical Magic Activation Deck is a toolkit made up of individually illustrated cards, and a book packed full of exercises designed to activate the essence of who you are. And when you know who you are? Life makes so much more sense.

You will be able to take part in crowdfunding the deck by becoming involved with the Kickstarter campaign from 25th April. We will keep you updated with the launch on entering the competition.