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Your personal life coach in a box


Activate your inner wisdom

We believe that all the answers are on the inside. So, we've created a toolkit packed with vibrant designs and activation exercises to help you find calm, bust procrastination, spark creativity and activate your next steps.

It's all magic, practically delivered.


The Practical Magic Activation Deck

A toolkit made up of 56 individually illustrated cards and a book packed full of activation exercises designed to activate the essence of who you are. And when you know who you are? Life makes so much more sense.















Calm, Create, Empower & Vitality


Practical Magic is organised into four pillars of Calm, Create, Empower and Vitality. 

We help you to get unstuck and back to the heart of who you are; connected to your fullest self. Through Practical Magic you:

  • Are invited to slow down and eases overwhelm
  • Cultivate your creativity and sparks your imagination
  • Become your own life coach
  • Bring vibrancy and vitality into every part of your life. 

Find direction & spark creativity


"It really is the silver bullet medicine that looks like candy."

Empower positive change


Practical Magic Creators

Meet the purveyors of Practical Magic and the colourful and vibrant world we live in, which is mainly made up of disco balls, concept albums and a love of dogs.

Kate Taylor (1 of 1)-67 [].jpeg

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is a creativity and empowerment coach, Master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist, Qoya teacher, writer, and speaker on a mission to help us live an embodied life, full of creative expression. Practical Magic is Kate's take on her blended melting pot of tools, and her approach in bringing spark, magic, and a bit of rock n’ roll colour to her client’s lives

mat-bio small.jpg

Mat Denney

Mat Denney is an artist, printmaker, photographer and creative director. His work blends digital precision with the warmth and unpredictability of analogue textures and mark-making. “It’s important to be open to surprises and accidents in the creative process. I like to think that the materials are exerting their will as much as I am - so the end result is a collaboration between me and my pencils and brushes”. The look of the cards and prints is inspired by Practical Magic’s technicolour approach to life.



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