How it works

Image via Donna Hay

Image via Donna Hay


We believe that all the answers are on the inside.

The Practical Magic Activation Deck exists to help you all live a calmer, more creative life, empowered and full of vibrant vitality.

We've created a toolkit packed with vibrant designs and activation exercises to help you find calm, bust procrastination, spark creativity and activate your next steps.

Pull a card, and follow the guided exercises to activate the next step. They're a blended melting pot of creative strategies that really work.

It's all magic, practically delivered.

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The UK’s first life coach in a box

Draws from a wide range of proven modalities and centuries of thought — including practical life coaching prompts, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative mindfulness, visualisation and breathing exercises, as well as movement practices, to help people connect both mind and body, and create pragmatic, practical change. It’s like having a personal trainer for mind, body and soul.

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Guidance both on and off the page

Each of the 56 cards in the deck has an accompanying activation exercise. These activation exercises are presented immediately in the book along with coaching tools, journalling prompts, video links, guided meditations, creative visualisations, and movement playlists available to download and enjoy.

With every pull of the card you tune into your incredible intuition and then activate practical and pragmatic change.